On Earth Peace Announces Theme for Peace Day 2016

Image courtesy of On Earth Peace

“Called to Build Peace” is the theme for Peace Day 2016, held annually on Sept. 21, which is the International Day of Prayer for Peace. This year’s campaign from On Earth Peace invites churches, peacebuilders, and seekers of justice to participate. “Plan a prayer service or community action event and reflect on how you and your community are called to build peace during the week surrounding Sept. 21, 2016,” said an invitation from organizer Bryan Hanger.

This year’s theme is based on God’s call to build peace and create just communities in the biblical story, including the story of Abraham’s call in Genesis 12:1-3, Moses’ call in Exodus 3, Samuel’s call in 1 Samuel 3, Esther’s call in Esther 4:14, Mary’s call in Luke 1:26-55, and Jesus’ call in Luke 4:18-19.

“Like our spiritual forebears, we are all called to different places and to different ministries to do God’s work and to bring God’s peace and justice in the world,” said the announcement. “We are each called to build peace in a unique way and in a unique place. Some are called to resist and undo racism, some to pray without ceasing, others to heal God’s creation, and others to stop war. Some are called to build peace in their neighborhood, in their church congregation, in their local community, or somewhere across the world.

“We are all called to build peace in unique and transformative ways, and this Peace Day we invite you to follow God’s call to wherever you and your church community can build peace together to God’s glory and your neighbor’s good.”

Church of the Brethren members and congregations are invited to learn more about Peace Day and get involved by telling the organizers what the congregation is planning, and what would be helpful.


The e-mail address for the 2016 campaign is peaceday@onearthpeace.org .

Find out more at http://peacedaypray.tumblr.com .

On Twitter, follow @peacedaypray .

Join the Peace Day Facebook group conversation at www.facebook.com/groups/OEP.PeaceDay .


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