On Earth Peace Offers Opportunities to Learn About Kingian Nonviolence, Anti-Racism

On Earth Peace is offering opportunities to learn about Kingian nonviolence and to get involved in anti-racism work. “Kingian Nonviolence is a philosophy and curriculum which applies agape love to relationships and community problems,” explained an announcement. “The approach was developed by David Jehnsen and Bernard Lafayette Jr., who both worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s.”

Opportunities include:

A Racial Justice Organizer Clinic on May 31 at 12 noon (Eastern time). This web event will include spiritual grounding, ideas and encouragement from others who are stepping up to catalyze their communities, a time to reflect on personal goals for the next month, an update on On Earth Peace’s racial justice organizing goals for 2016-17, and upcoming opportunities to get involved. A webcam/high speed Internet access is strongly recommended, but telephone-only connection also is possible. Register at http://goo.gl/forms/rr3Ew6bx9GyDj6Yg1 .

A six-hour webinar on June 4 co-facilitated by Matt Guynn of On Earth Peace and Kazu Haga of the East Point Peace Academy. This webinar is recommended as an orientation to the book seminar listed below. Go to http://bit.ly/kingianonline20160604 .

A book seminar “Beyond the Dream: The Radical Love of Martin Luther King Jr.” offered once a month from June through November. The seminar will study Dr. King’s five books along with writings from and about women leaders of the Civil Rights era, hear from elders who worked in the Civil Rights movement, and talk about ways to apply these teachings to today’s social and political movements for justice. The seminar will be held one Wednesday a month at 12 noon (Eastern time) beginning June 22 and ending Nov. 30. Cost is $150, payable in full by the time of first participant check-in on June 22. A $50 deposit is required to register. Limited scholarships may be available. Each call will be 90 minutes long. The June 4 webinar is an orientation to the seminar. Go to http://bit.ly/BeyondtheDream2016 .

For questions, contact Matt Guynn at mguynn@OnEarthPeace.org


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