Ministry of Reconciliation Manual is Made Available Online

From an On Earth Peace release

About a year ago, in the wake of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Ministry of Reconciliation (MoR) as a program of On Earth Peace, program director Leslie Frye wondered if it might be worthwhile to revise the 1995 “Ministry of Reconciliation Discipleship and Reconciliation Committee Handbook.”

Marking pencil in hand, she read it cover-to-cover and was amazed at how relevant–even inspiring–the material remained even 25 years later. “Perhaps we might want to look at making additions at some point,” she reflected. “But the collective wisdom still shines, so with the help of MoR Communications intern Lauren Seganos Cohen, we’ve converted the document from WordPerfect to PDF files and are making them available online.”

Contents include:

Chapter One: The Biblical and Theological Basis of Reconciliation by Dale Aukerman
Chapter Two: Statement of Purpose for Discipleship and Reconciliation (D and R) Committees by Enten Eller
Chapter Three: Calling of D and R Committees by Jim Kinsey
Chapter Four: D and R Committee Training by Marty Barlow
Chapter Five: D and R Committees as Educators by Bob Gross
Chapter Six: Intervening in Conflict: General Guidelines by Barbara Daté
Chapter Seven: Intervening in Conflict: Adaptable Four-Step Model by Bob Gross
Chapter Eight: Intervening in Conflict Comprehensive Model by Jim Yaussy Albright

Discipleship and Reconciliation Committees pre-dated what are now called “Shalom Teams” and the Ministry of Reconciliation–then, as now–provided primary training and support. Volunteers Janice Kulp Long (chair), Phyllis Senesi, and Enten Eller comprised the Ministry of Reconciliation Handbook Task Team in order to provide a resource that would assist congregational leaders in their efforts to “deal with conflict.”


The manual is now available online at .


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