Lamar Gibson Hired as Development Director for On Earth Peace

Photo courtesy of On Earth Peace
Lamar Gibson

Lamar Gibson has been hired as development director for On Earth Peace. He has worked for nine years in both private businesses and the nonprofit sector as a fundraiser and as a consultant on business operations and development. His work for On Earth Peace will include engaging existing supporters while also expanding the community to include people “from even more denominations and walks of life,” said an announcement in the agency’s e-mail newsletter.

Gibson has traveled extensively to study the history of movements that have defined the world, particularly within the American South. He was born and raised in Greensboro, N.C., in the Southern Baptist and Pentecostal traditions. “His faith journey eventually led him to the Episcopal Church where he found alignment between the synergy of social justice and biblical teachings that provide the foundation for his approach to change-making,” said the announcement.

He was able to attend many of the On Earth Peace events at the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference in Greensboro this summer, and met many people from the agency’s board, staff, and community of practitioners.

Gibson began his work for On Earth Peace on Sept. 6. He may be contacted at



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