Huma Rana to Become Director of Financial Operations for Brethren Benefit Trust

Brethren Benefit Trust (BBT) has announced that Huma Rana has accepted the role of director of Financial Operations, effective Sept. 19. She has served as assistant director of Financial Operations since July 21, 2015.

Late in 2013 BBT put a succession plan in place to seek a successor to current director of Financial Operations, Sandy Schild, after she announced her intention to enter retirement sometime next year.

Schild will continue to work for BBT until her retirement, and has accepted a new role as Finance Project Manager and Operations Support effective Sept. 19. She will focus on continuing to guide Rana through certain annual processes, manage a wide range of financial operations projects, and support the analysis of financial systems and procedures for maximum effectiveness.

“Please offer your good wishes to both of these women in their new and important BBT roles,” said the announcement from Donna March, BBT director of Human Resources and Administrative Services.



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