Creation Care Study Committee is Named

By James Beckwith

The Standing Committee of district delegates to Annual Conference has concluded its work of electing a Creation Care Study Committee. Three members have been elected to the new study committee.

The study committee has been formed in response to the decision of the 2016 Annual Conference “that a Creation Care study committee be appointed to work, in consultation with Brethren Benefit Trust and other relevant organizations, to develop ways to support and extend our knowledge of renewable energy production with our financial investments and involvement in community projects to reduce our contributions to greenhouse gas concentrations and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.”

Standing Committee received approximately 30 nominations that were submitted during Annual Conference, from which a nominating committee put together a ballot. Standing Committee voted via computer connections in late July, electing:

Duane Deardorff of Durham, N.C.
Laura Dell-Haro of Beatrice, Neb.
Sharon Yohn of Huntingdon, Pa.

These three will serve on the study committee on Creation Care. Please hold them in prayer as they begin their work on behalf of Annual Conference.


— James Beckwith is secretary of the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference.



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