Congregational Life Ministries Announce Interim Plan for Sharing Executive Duties

The Congregational Life Ministries of the Church of the Brethren has announced an interim plan for staff to share executive duties, following the resignation of former executive director Jonathan Shively. Using a collaborative team approach, the plan focuses on sharing oversight of the work of the department and development of staffing and programming.

Two staff members–Josh Brockway, director of Spiritual Life and Discipleship, and Stan Dueck, director of Transforming Practices–are assuming the more particular executive duties. For some other staff, portfolios are being shifted and responsibilities are being rearranged as well.

Supervision of the department’s program assistant, meeting with the Executive Forum, and relationship with the Ecumenical Stewardship Center are added to Brockway’s portfolio that continues to include the Anabaptist Worship Exchange and work with congregational ethics and stewardship.

Dueck’s new duties include program oversight, staff development, leadership of quarterly staff meetings, relating to the Annual Conference Vitality Study Committee and to Evangelism Connections, and leadership of the 2016 church planting conference. He also is adding the portfolio for new church development to his continuing portfolios that include the Vital Ministry Journey, webinars, and coaching.

Intercultural Ministries staff Gimbiya Kettering will have responsibility to plan and lead the 2018 church planting conference, in addition to her continuing portfolio that includes the Intercultural Ministries Working Group, Intercultural Symposia, and anti-racism resourcing.

Added responsibilities for Intergenerational Ministries staff Debbie Eisenbise include relating with the Spiritual Directors Network and the Fellowship of Brethren Homes, and new staff hires. Her continuing portfolio includes National Older Adult Conference, Intergenerational Ministries, child protection, and the Disabilities Ministry.

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry led by director Becky Ullom Naugle continues unchanged, and includes responsibilities for National Young Adult Conference, National Youth Conference, National Junior High Conference, Christian Citizenship Seminar, Ministry Summer Service, the Youth Peace Travel Team, the Youth Cabinet, and the Young Adult Steering Committee.


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