CDS Sends Another Team to Continue Work in Baton Rouge

Photo courtesy of CDS
Children play while cared for by Children’s Disaster Services in Baton Rouge, La. These children created a long evacuation route with cardboard and play vehicles.

Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) has sent another team of volunteers to continue caring for children and families who have been affected by the extreme flooding in Louisiana. On Thursday, CDS staff shared via Facebook, “While we thought our team that left yesterday would be our final Baton Rouge team, things changed and we were asked to send in another team.

“Shelters are all consolidating, so this new group will be serving in the new shelter, arriving tomorrow. Sending kind thoughts and prayers to the families in Louisiana who are weary and struggling, and to our volunteers and partners!”

Associate director Kathleen Fry-Miller reported by e-mail that this is the sixth Baton Rouge team fielded by CDS. So far, 29 CDS volunteers have worked on this response in Louisiana, serving 519 children.

“The team tomorrow will be in a large consolidated Red Cross shelter at the Celtic Media Center in Baton Rouge,” Fry-Miller wrote. “This is a ‘hardship’ assignment, so volunteers have been sleeping in a large staff shelter on cots.”


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