CDS Deploys to Houston, Again, Following Flooding

“The Houston team is in a shelter where people are taken to after being rescued,” reported Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) associate director Kathy Fry-Miller. CDS has deployed a team of volunteers to Houston, Texas, for the second time since April in response to severe flooding.

Photo by Carol Smith
Flooding in the area of Houston, Texas. A team of Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) volunteers have begun work in a shelter for people rescued from the flooding.


Fry-Miller reported that the people who are rescued from flooding and brought to the shelter included children who received care from CDS volunteers. “Some stay and others move on fairly quickly,” she said of the rescuees at the shelter. “We are just grateful to have a team there to support these children and families as they sort this all out.”

The CDS team of four volunteers set up and began caring for children yesterday, Friday, June 3. “They have made meaningful contact with many Red Cross workers and other emergency managers who were not aware of our services, so it has felt like the time spent this first full day on the job has been very valuable,” Fry-Miller said.

CDS is serving in Houston at the request of the American Red Cross. The Houston area has been hit by extreme storms and flooding in recent days. This is the second time this year that CDS has responded in Houston, having sent a 10-person team there on April 21 after heavy rain inundated the area and there was serious flooding.

“Prayers for strength, good health, and compassionate connections would be appreciated,” Fry-Miller requested.


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