Thompson Fund Makes Grants

A release from Brethren Benefit Trust

The Joel K. Thompson Memorial Endowment Fund, administered by Brethren Foundation, is helping to underwrite the planned visit of Dr. Alexander Gee Jr. to the National Older Adult Conference. Dr. Gee is the founder and president of The Nehemiah Urban Leadership Institute in Madison, Wis. He will speak on “In Search of Racial Righteousness” on Sept. 9, 2015.

A second one-time grant has been made to the On Earth Peace Internship program whose purpose is to “offer skill-development and personal growth for emerging peace-builders.” The grant will enable a young person to serve in an organization working for peace and justice.

The Thompson Fund was established in 1994 in memory of Joel K. Thompson by his widow, Janine Katonah, and his children. Thompson was serving on the BBT staff when he died in the crash of US Air Flight 427 at Aliquippa, Pa., on Sept. 8, 1994. The fund supports ministries in healthcare, stewardship, peace, reconciliation, social justice, and service–work to which Thompson was committed in his life and his ministry.

— This report originally appeared in the BBT newsletter “Benefit News.”

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