Small-Scale ‘Wall of Healing’ Display Is Available from Global Mission Office

A Small scale “Wall of Healing” Nigeria display is available from the Global Mission and Service office.


At this year’s Annual Conference, Global Mission and Service presented the “Wall of Healing,” a poster exhibit commemorating the thousands of Nigerians who have been killed in recent years through terrorist violence and persecution. The exhibit is based on the information collected by Rebecca Dali and the Center for Caring, Empowerment, and Peace Initiatives, and was put together by Brethren Volunteer Service workers Pat and John Krabacher.

Now, Global Mission has created a scaled-down version of the “Wall of Healing,” which can be shipped to and exhibited at district conferences or other events.

The original exhibit at Annual Conference included 17 large posters. The scaled-down version may include a sampling of the posters, printed at a smaller size, but still listing many hundreds of the names of victims. Two tri-fold end pieces provide additional narration, information, and photos.

To arrange for the display to appear at a district conference or other event, contact Kendra Harbeck in the Global Mission and Service office at kharbeck@brethren.org or 847-429-4388.



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