Share the Light of Advent Through Shine

From a Shine release

If you have not done so already, order Shine Winter 2015-16 products now. Shine is the Christian education curriculum for children and junior youth produced jointly by Brethren Press and MennoMedia. The winter quarter begins on Nov. 29, the first Sunday of Advent.

During Advent, children and junior youth will read about God’s promises in Jeremiah 33 and Psalm 25. They also will hear again the stories of Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Simeon, and Anna–stories of angel visits, shepherds, and the wonder of Jesus born in a humble manger.

Is your church hoping for more intergenerational events that will bring together whole families? Go to to see plans for an Advent spiral event.

This quarter is a 14-session quarter and ends Feb. 28. January and February continue with stories of Jesus from Luke. Some stories tell events of Jesus’ life–the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in Nazareth, the transfiguration, and Jesus chasing the moneychangers from the temple. Some of the sessions are parables Jesus told–about the mustard seed, yeast, a shepherd searching for his lost sheep, and the loving father welcoming home a son.

Find out more about the Shine curriculum at Order curriculum products from Brethren Press at 800-441-3712 or online.

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