Material Resources Program Logs a Busy October

The Material Resources staff celebrated Roger Burtner’s 89th birthday with a group picture at the warehouse at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md. “Roger is a long time volunteer at both Material Resources and SERRV,” said a Facebook post in his honor. “He is a retired United Methodist Church pastor and a founder of the CWS Crop Walk. What a rich and full life he has had.” Photo courtesy of Terry Goodger.

“October was just crazy (in a wonderful way),” said an update on the work of the Material Resources program of the Church of the Brethren, provided by office coordinator Terry Goodger. Material Resources processes, warehouses, and ships disaster relief goods and other humanitarian aid on behalf of a number of ecumenical partners, based at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md.

“October sure turned out to be a busy, busy month!” Goodger reported. “Material Resources was blessed with 368 volunteers (22 groups). Box car season began with donations coming in via train. And even with our loading dock under repair/reconstruction.”

During the month of October, Material Resources processed:

— 4 Church World Service shipments in the US totaling 959 pounds of disaster relief kits and blankets

— 1 IMA World Health shipment of medical supplies to Haiti, weighing 19,703 pounds

— 1 IMA World Health shipment of relief supplies to the Democratic Republic of Congo, weighing 43,869 pounds

— 1 Lutheran World Relief shipment of quilts and disaster relief kits to Ukraine, weighing 32,278 pounds

— 1 International Orthodox Charities (IOCC) shipment of relief supplies to Serbia, weighing 35,366 pounds

— 1 IOCC shipment of school books to Chicago, weighing 7,205 pounds

— 1 IOCC shipment of relief supplies to South Carolina, weighing 8,320 pounds.

For more information about the ministry of Material Resources, go to .

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