Intercultural Retreat to Be Hosted in Atlantic Northeast District in May

A weekend intercultural retreat with the theme “All God’s People Say Amen” will be hosted in Atlantic Northeast District at Harrisburg (Pa.) First Church of the Brethren on May 1-3. The retreat is co-sponsored by the Church of the Brethren Congregational Life Ministries and Intercultural Ministries.

The event is described as “a weekend encounter with ourselves” and “a learning opportunity for those who want to experience a fresh wind in their community and those who want to be that fresh wind.” Participants will discuss what it means to be an intercultural church in the 21st century.

The retreat schedule includes plenary sessions, workshops, and worship. Presenters include Craig Smith, district executive minister of Atlantic Northeast District, who will preach on Sunday, May 3, at a joint service.

Plenary I on the topic, “We Are All Urban,” will be led by Congregational Life Ministries executive director Jonathan Shively.

Plenary II on the topic “Racial Reconciliation for Christians in Post-Racial America” will be led by Drew Hart, who in social media circles is known as an Anablacktivist–a term he has coined from his experiences being raised in a non-denominational African American Christian community and finding Anabaptism as an adult. He writes, teaches, and preaches about a Christian response to the issues of race and ethnicity that make headlines, and his blog can be found at Christian Century.

Plenary III on the topic “Bienvenidos Iglesia de los Hermanos (Welcome to the Spanish Church of the Brethren)” will be led by Joel Peña who will share how Hispanic ministries will bring renewal to churches in America. He will share from his experiences as pastor of Alpha-Omega congregation in Lancaster, Pa., and his participation in Hispanic ministries leadership for the denomination, recently representing the denomination at an ecumenical, national gathering of Hispanic leaders.

Early bird registration costs $40, or $35 per person for groups of three or more (valid until April 1). Find more information and registration at . For questions contact Intercultural Ministries director Gimbiya Kettering at or 847-429-4387.

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