Congregations Host Ted & Co. Event, Help Raise Funds for Heifer Arks

Image courtesy of Heifer International

Two Church of the Brethren congregations have hosted the new Ted & Co. production, “Twelve Baskets and a Goat,” which is a cooperative venture to raise funds for Heifer International. Between them, the two events at West Charleston Church of the Brethren in Tipp City, Ohio, and Elizabethtown (Pa.) Church of the Brethren raised enough funds to support two “arks” for Heifer–a goal for the series of events.

The Global Mission and Service department of the denomination is seeking more congregations to host future events.


West Charleston event

Ted and Co. helped West Charleston Church of the Brethren raise funds for Heifer International. Many creative and generous persons worked together to create a delightful evening of support for Heifer through an event entitled “12 Baskets and a Goat” that brought Ted and Co. of Harrisonburg, Va., to a crowd of nearly 200 people from the West Charleston Church and surrounding community of Tipp City, Ohio.

More than two dozen creative gift baskets were assembled, children’s classes gathered their change, and several Hispanic families of the congregation even spent a day making delicious tamales which they sold to co-workers and friends, donating $500 toward the total cost of bringing the show to town.

In the end a grand total of $7345.76 was raised which easily bought a Gift Ark of animals and much more.

Having some “seagoing cowboys” within the congregation’s history made the support of Heifer International that much more special. All agreed the Nov. 21 event was a wonderful way to begin the Thanksgiving celebration!


Elizabethtown event

Ted and Co. returned to a full house at Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren on Sunday, Nov. 22. Energy and spirits were high in anticipation of the debut performance of “12 Baskets and a Goat.” Admission was free, but many attendees came bearing baked goods for auction during the show.

Homemade breads, including many special family recipes, piňa colada muffins, best-ever sugar cookies, chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin rolls, and many other delectable and delightful treats added to the “flavor” of the auction. Proceeds from the auction plus generous donations totaled $6,689.

With the goal of addressing hunger near and far, the total was split between Heifer Project International and the Community Cupboard food bank of Elizabethtown, each receiving $3,344.50.

Ted and Co. delighted the audience with hilarious dramas, which were at the same time poignant in their message. People came prepared to laugh for sure, encounter the gospel in a new and moving way, and support charities addressing hunger near and far. No one left disappointed.

The event addressed hunger, in that if we share, there is more than enough for all to be fed.  That’s the theology of the basket! What an appropriate way to spend the Sunday afternoon before Thanksgiving! The event was planned and sponsored by the Spiritual Growth Team of Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren.


— Nancy S. Heishman of West Charleston Church of the Brethren and Pamela A. Reist of Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren contributed to this report.



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