Children’s Disaster Services Cares for Children Affected by California Building Collapse

By Kathleen Fry-Miller

Photo courtesy of CDS
Children’s Disaster Services volunteers care for children in Pico Rivera, southern California, following evacuation of an apartment complex.

Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) has responded in Pico Rivera, southern California, following evacuation of a multi-apartment complex due to a partial collapse of the building. The CDS response ended today. CDS is a ministry of the Church of the Brethren and part of Brethren Disaster Ministries.

A team of both experienced and newly certified CDS caregivers provided a caring presence, listening ear, and creative play opportunities for children from the apartment complex to express their feelings. The team shared play materials that were previously packed into a Kit of Comfort to support the children as they tried to understand their experience.

About 14 children attended the children’s center each day.

Our hearts go out to the residents as they seek new shelter for their families. Many thanks to the volunteers who served and to project managers Mary Kay Ogden and Joanne Wagoner, both from La Verne (Calif.) Church of the Brethren.

— Kathleen Fry-Miller is associate director of Children’s Disaster Services. For more information about this ministry go to .

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