Believers Church Commentaries Among New Resources Available from Brethren Press

Believers Church Bible Commentaries: accessible to lay readers, useful in preaching and pastoral care, helpful for Bible studies and Sunday school, and academically sound. This commentary series offers a unique Anabaptist reading of scripture. For all who seek more fully to understand the original message of scripture and its meaning today, the series is based on the conviction that God is still speaking to all who will listen, and that the Holy Spirit makes the Word a living and authoritative guide.

Other new resources available from Brethren Press include a 2016 outdoor ministries camp curriculum on the theme “Fearless Faith,” a curriculum especially for two-year-olds titled “Wee Wonders,” and a new Annual Class Book for recording Sunday school attendance and student information.

Believers Church Bible Commentaries

Three titles are new in the Believers Church Bible Commentary series, and are available from Brethren Press (shipping and handling will be added to the listed price). Galatians and Lamentations/Song of Songs are now available to purchase, and Deuteronomy is scheduled for an October release. Purchase by calling 800-441-3712 or online at

Galatians by George R. Brunk III tracks the role this epistle of the Apostle Paul played in Christianity’s shift from being a messianic sect within Judaism to a Gentile-dominated religious movement. As a sustained defense of Jesus Christ as the center of faith, the full unity and equality of Christ’s followers, and the Spirit’s empowerment in the life of the believer, Galatians holds world-changing and personally transforming power for the contemporary church. $29.99.

Lamentations/Song of Songs by Wilma Ann Bailey and Christina Bucher covers the emotional register of biblical literature from the anguished sorrow songs of ancient Israel to the passionate, lyric poems of lovers. Bailey plumbs the depths of Lamentations, including questions of authorship, images of God, and depiction of a community’s response to exile and development of an identity in the wake of catastrophe. Bucher offers multiple perspectives on Song of Songs, its imagery and characters, and allegorical and literal interpretations. $29.99.

Deuteronomy by Gerald Gerbrandt addresses a book considered by some to be the theological center of the Old Testament. Deuteronomy has been called “the gospel according to Moses,” with its attention to divine grace and practices of justice. It also has disturbed readers and been used to justify violence and war. Gerbrandt invites struggle with difficult passages and attention to hopeful themes of covenant, land, and leadership. $34.99.

Camp curriculum

“Fearless Faith” is available from Brethren Press for $375 for the curriculum on DVD-ROM.

What does it mean to be part of a Christian community? How can the church be a resource that gives campers confidence and courage? Campers will explore how they are a part of church and what that means about relating to one another and the world. Daily guides offer fun, appropriate plans for all ages of children to explore scripture, experience Christian community, and express joy through worship.

The DVD-ROM includes:
— More than 250 printable pages of activities and curriculum including extra resources for arts and crafts, games, science fun, and worship.
— Daily biblical and theological overview.
— Training materials including a video, slides, handouts, exercises.
— Customizable graphics.
— Day camp options.

Wee Wonder: Sharing God’s Love with Twos

This Bible-based curriculum for two-year-olds, who are beginning to expand their environment beyond family and home, is available from Brethren Press for $159.99.

What better place to explore God’s world and nurture relationship with a loving Creator God than in a Christian childcare or church setting? “Wee Wonder” introduces children to God through song, action rhymes, Bible stories, and responsive play.

Twelve creative modules include 52 undated sessions for use through the year. Module 1: We come to church, 2: God made the world, 3: We thank God, 4: Jesus is born, 5: Jesus and his friends, 6: Loving God, 7: God is with us, 8: Holy Week and Easter, 9: Jesus told stories, 10: We help others, 11: God’s people share, 12: Word pictures for God.

Annual Class Book

This handy book is available for $3.99 from Brethren Press. It includes space for 25 names, 4-quarter class attendance, offering recorder, space for addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, visitors, and additional notes. This replaces the discontinued Standard Annual Class Book.

Purchase these and other resources online at or by calling the Brethren Press order line 800-441-3712. Shipping and handling fee will be added to the listed price.

— Jeff Lennard is director of Marketing and Sales for Brethren Press.

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