Ten Bible Studies Available to Help Youth Prepare for NYC 2014

By Tim Heishman

The National Youth Conference (NYC) Office has released 10 Bible studies for youth groups to use as they prepare to attend the July 19-24 conference. Several of the Bible studies were written by NYC speakers, using the scripture text they will preach on during the week of NYC.

The Bible studies are intended to help youth and advisors familiarize themselves with the NYC theme and scriptures before the conference, and to help them prepare spiritually for the experience. Most of the Bible studies follow a typical format of a brief reflection followed by questions for individual or group discussion. The Bible studies are available at www.brethren.org/yya/nyc/theme.html .

In addition to Bible studies, the NYC Office has complied several pages of information and resources intended to help youth groups prepare for NYC physically, emotionally, and spiritually. An additional way for the entire congregation to be involved in the preparation for NYC is by participating in NYC Prayer Day on Sunday, June 22. For Prayer Day resources and all other preparation materials, visit www.brethren.org/yya/nyc/prepare.html .

— Tim Heishman is one of the three coordinators for National Youth Conference 2014, along with Katie Cummings and Sarah Neher.

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