Next Intercultural Gathering to Be Co-Sponsored by Pacific Southwest District

A circle of support at the Great Multitude Symposium, the intercultural gathering in Virlina District in October 2013. Photo by Mandy Garcia.

Co-sponsored by the Intercultural Ministries of the Church of the Brethren and Pacific Southwest District, the next intercultural gathering in the Church of the Brethren will be held March 28-30 at Iglesia Principe de Paz in Santa Ana, Calif.

The gathering’s focus is “Unity Is More Than a Statement” ( ).

The vibrant, intercultural traditions of Pacific Southwest District can be traced back to its founding by Brethren who traveled to the West Coast in search of new opportunities while also maintaining their values and roots. This year, the individuals and pastors in Pacific Southwest District and neighboring districts who are passionate about intercultural ministries are invited to join a conversation about how to continue to work together to improve congregational diversity and opportunities for intercultural learning. This will be an opportunity to build relationships, share cultural heritages, and develop new ways to work together in various ministries.

For more information contact Gimbiya Kettering at or 847-429-4387.

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