International Day of Prayer for Peace 2014 Is Scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 21

A coloring page to help children celebrate the International Day of Prayer for Peace, one of the resources that On Earth Peace is offering for Peace Day 2014

By Elizabeth Ullery

Sunday, Sept. 21 is the International Day of Prayer for Peace, and On Earth Peace invites all in the Church of the Brethren to participate. Facing all the violence in the headlines and in human hearts, what if on Sept. 21 our communities of faith renewed our commitment to challenge violence and build peace?

This year’s events are guided by the 2014 theme for Peace Day, “Visions and Dreams of Building Peace,” drawn from Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17. Here are five things you can do on Sept. 21 to build peace in your community:

1. Offer a prayer for peace on your own or gathered with others. Lift up prayers for peace that sit heavy on your heart. Find prayers at .

2. Talk about peace with the children in your life, share a book, or draw a picture of your dreams for building peace.

3. Sing a song for peace.

4. Light a candle to bring the light of peace into the world. Maybe even launch peace lanterns into a lake.

5. Teach the next generation of peacemakers through a Kids as Peacemakers Mural. Find out more at .

Make a commitment to join us in offering visions and dreams of building peace on Sept. 21 by registering your event or your congregation’s participation at or joining in an event near you . Some events are being posted at .

Whether you are gathering with your congregation, lighting a candle on your own, or walking for peace in your community, Peace Day is an opportunity for practical peace action or capacity-building. Join us!

— Elizabeth Ullery is coordinating the 2014 Peace Day Campaign for On Earth Peace. For more resources and information about the 2014 campaign see . For more about the ministries of On Earth Peace go to .

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