Cori Hahn Resigns from Zigler Hospitality Center at Brethren Service Center

Cori Hahn has tendered her resignation as hospitality coordinator at the Zigler Hospitality Center, located at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md. Her last day at the hospitality center will be Nov. 14.

Hahn began her work at the Brethren Service Center in Sept. 2007 as the conference coordinator for the New Windsor Conference Center. She also held a part-time position in human resources and in Aug. 2012 was promoted to hospitality coordinator of Zigler Hospitality Center. While in this position, she provided steady leadership during the transition from the New Windsor Conference Center to the Zigler Hospitality Center. Her dedication to quality of customer service and personal attention to detail has been appreciated by guests and staff, alike.

She has accepted a position as park manager at the Palms Estates of Highland County in Lorida, Fla.

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