Chinese Healthcare Professionals Visit with Brethren During Study Tour on Aging

A group of Chinese healthcare professionals visits Bridgewater (Va.) Retirement Community, a Church of the Brethren related facility, during a tour of the US. Photo by Ruoxia Li.

By Ruoxia Li

Eric Miller and Ruoxia Li hosted a small group of Chinese healthcare professionals and business people who visited the United States from Jan 7-20. The mission of their trip was to learn about elder care and hospice in America.

The group visited Bridgewater (Va.) Retirement Community, which is a Church of the Brethren related facility, as well as Good Samaritan Hospice, Adult Day Services at Virginia Tech, and the Yale Program on Aging. In Roanoke, Va., they joined the Wednesday night fellowship at Central Church of Brethren. Becky and Harry Rhodes from Central Church hosted the guests in their home, where the Chinese guests experienced hymn singing, home-cooked meals, and American hospitality.

They also visited Washington, D.C., and New York City during their trip.

Previously, a group of physicians from Pingding, Shanxi, where Brethren missionaries founded a church and hospital, participated in a similar tour of the US, and church members and medical professionals from Virginia have visited China.

Media in Roanoke, Va., covered the trip in articles in the Roanoke Star newspaper and on WDBJ Channel 7:

The Chinese guests at Good Samaritan Hospice with Sue Ranson, a member of Roanoke (Va.) First Church of the Brethren. Photo courtesy of Ruoxia Li.
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