Brethren Volunteer Service Unit 304 Completes Orientation

Courtesy of BVS
Brethren Volunteer Service Unit 304, Winter orientation 2014: (front row from left) Wes Gingrich, Caleb Ulrich, Vanessa Lucado, Rebekah Maldonado-Nofziger, Tiffany Monarch, Connie Koumjian; (back from left) Keith Morphew, Rosemary Sorg, Allison Snyder, Samuele Zappitelli, Jessie Houff, Emma Berkey, Sarah Caldwell.

Emma Berkey of Somerset (Pa.) Church of the Brethren is placed at Youth Initiatives, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

Sarah Caldwell of Austin, Texas, is placed at CooperRiis, Mill Spring, N.C.

Wes Gingrich of Huntsdale Church of the Brethren in Carlisle, Pa., is placed at Camp Mardela, Denton, Md.

Jessie Houff of Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren in Bridgewater, Va., is placed at Rural and Migrant Ministries, Liberty, N.Y.

Connie Koumjian of New York, N.Y., is placed at Companion Ministries, Kansas City, Kan.

Vanessa Lucado of Frederick (Md.) Church of the Brethren is placed at SERRV, New Windsor, Md.

Rebekah Maldonado-Nofziger of Harrisonburg, Va., is placed at New Community Project, Harrisonburg

Tiffany Monarch of Goshen, Ind., is placed at Family Abuse Center, Waco, Texas

Keith Morphew of Bethany Church of the Brethren in New Paris, Ind., is placed at SERRV, New Windsor, Md.

Allison Snyder of Panther Creek Church of the Brethren in Adel, Iowa, is placed at Talbert House, Cincinnati, Ohio

Rosemary Sorg of Toledo, Ohio, is placed at L’Arche Kilkenny, Kilkenny, Ireland

Caleb Ulrich of La Verne, Calif., is placed at Sisters of the Road, Portland, Ore.

Samuele Zappitelli of Ludwigshafen, Germany, is placed at Camp Courageous, Monticello, Iowa

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