Congregational Life Ministries Announces New ‘Basin and Towel’ Series

By Donna Kline

To celebrate its fifth year of publication “Basin and Towel” is beginning a new series on congregational vitality with the January 2014 issue. “Basin and Towel” is a magazine published by the Church of the Brethren Congregational Life Ministries.

The four-issue series will follow the rhythms that often make up both the decades-long life of a congregation as well as an individual worship service: the rhythms of gathering, calling, forming, and sending disciples.

The first issue in the series will include reflections and practices from pastors and other church leaders as they share their thoughts on the theme “The Gathering Community.” Readers will learn about congregations that excel as inviting and welcoming communities, growing as they reflect the diversity of surrounding cities and towns; and how congregations reflect their unique “Brethren-ness” through service, simplicity, community, and an emphasis on peacemaking. Changing, evolving, maturing worship practices will be shared, and readers will be encouraged to provide spaces in their own gathering places for people to share important questions of life and faith.

Go to for bonus materials including a video interview, and to subscribe. An individual 1-year (3 issues) subscription costs $12. Order for multiple leaders in a faith community and the price is just $8 per person for 3-19 copies, and $7 per person for 20 or more copies (all copies are sent to one location; a minimum of three copies must be ordered). Subscribe online or contact Diane Stroyeck at or 800-323-8039 ext. 327.

— Donna Kline is director of the Deacon Ministry and editor of “Basin and Towel.”

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