Anabaptist Disabilities Network Seeks Stories of Supportive Care in Congregations

Anabaptist Disabilities Network (ADNet) is looking for stories of church congregations that are providing a congregational network of care for persons with significant disabilities and/or their families. Such care may include supporting their church participation, but goes beyond this to support aspects of daily living needs and/or participation in the wider community.

ADNet is collecting these stories with the goal of creating a sequel to their book, Supportive Care in the Congregation, that will tell the stories of congregations that have implemented something similar to the vision outlined in the book.

If you know of such a group who might be willing to share their stories, ADNet would like to know how to contact them. Stories can be shared anonymously in the book if those involved wish to protect privacy.  Contact ADNet at 574-343-1362 or

ADNet and the Church of the Brethren are partners in providing support and resources to individuals with disabilities, as well as their families and congregations.

— Donna Kline is director of Deacon Ministries for the Church of the Brethren

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