Shine on Storybook Bible Will Offer New Way to Teach Children the Faith

By Jeff Lennard

Coming in March from the creators of the Shine curriculum for Christian education: “Shine On: A Story Bible.” This new children’s storybook Bible will feature over 150 engaging Bible stories for use by families and congregations.

Published by Brethren Press and MennoMedia, the 320-page, hardback book will retail for $24.99, plus shipping and handling. Pre-order from Brethren Press by calling 800-441-3712.

“Shine On” will be a valuable new resource for families and Sunday school leaders, providing an exciting way to nurture faith in children. “Shine On” has colorful illustrations designed by a variety of artists, that will capture children’s imaginations. Its clear and engaging language stays true to the biblical text.

Each full-page spread includes sidebars that offer questions and activities to reach children’s hearts and minds.

About the curriculum:

Shine: Living in God’s Light is a dynamic Sunday school curriculum for age 3 to grade 8 that engages Christian communities in their life together. It is a joint project of Brethren Press and MennoMedia and will be available beginning in the fall of 2014. For more about Shine: .

— Jeff Lennard is director of marketing and sales for Brethren Press.

Below: Sample pages from the new Shine On story Bible: Mark 1:16-45 in which Jesus calls disciples to leave their lives as fishermen to follow him, and from the book of Jonah, the classic Sunday school story of the prophet swallowed by the great fish. In Shine On, each story comes with a “wondering question,” a “connect” activity, and an “explore” suggestion to engage children’s imaginations.

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