Press Takes Pre-Publication Orders for ‘New Inglenook Cookbook’

“The New Inglenook Cookbook is coming to your kitchen this summer! Pre-order now from Brethren Press and save up to 40 percent off the retail price of $28,” says Jeff Lennard, director of marketing and sales for Brethren Press.

The new cookbook is in the series of Inglenook cookbooks considered a cherished tradition of Brethren, passed from generation to generation. Recipes for the new cookbook have been submitted by many Brethren from across the country, and have been tested in Brethren kitchens across America. They have been selected for value, excellence, and simplicity.

The success of the Inglenook series “was its appeal to common people–those who embody the principles of simple living and value wholesome food,” Lennard reports. “Now, more than a century after the first ‘Inglenook Cookbook,’ Brethren Press has followed in that same tradition by publishing ‘The New Inglenook Cookbook.’ Together we have created a cookbook for a new generation, one that represents the tables of those who choose to live simply. Our hope is that this cookbook will bring Brethren together in a way this age of technology can’t: through food.”

The new cookbook includes over 350 recipes as well as other pieces of “wit and wisdom” including meal blessings, memories, and more. Brethren Press is offering pre-publication discounts off the retail price of $28. For individual copies ordered before April 15, the price will be $21 each. If a congregation makes a group order of 10 or more copies before April 15, the price will be $16.80 each.

Place orders for “The New Inglenook Cookbook” by calling Brethren Press at 800-441-3712 or order online at .

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