Midwest Regional Youth Conference ‘Powerhouse’ Held at Camp Mack

Registration is open for Powerhouse 2013, the Church of the Brethren regional youth conference for the Midwest. The event is organized by Manchester University and this year will be held at a new venue: Camp Alexander Mack in Milford, Ind. The dates are Nov. 16-17.

Registration is available at www.manchester.edu/powerhouse where youth and adult advisors will find a variety of information and forms needed for each participant to register. All forms must be completed for participants to attend. Forms should be downloaded, printed, and mailed to Manchester University when completed; please make enough copies so that each participant has one copy of each form.

Cost this year will be $65 for youth participants and a discounted rate of $60 for advisors. A late fee of $10 applies for registrations received after Nov. 8 (for extenuating circumstances, please contact the organizers). Rates are slightly higher than in previous years due to the camp venue, but the new location brings extra amenities of beds to sleep in, buffet-service meals, and other benefits. Opportunities for tours and other events at Manchester University will be available before and after the conference.

As in previous years, the schedule will be filled with energetic worship, workshops, recreation, music, fun and games, and good fellowship. Bethany Theological Seminary students Tim and Audrey Hollenberg-Duffey will be the keynote leaders for the weekend, on the theme: “On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Stories from the Garden” (Isaiah 61 and other texts).

Youth groups coming from a distance and needing a place to stay in the area Friday night should contact the organizers who will help make arrangements with local congregations or at Manchester University; lodging at Camp Mack also may be available at a cost.

Please be in prayer for this event, and encourage youth and advisors to attend.

— Walt Wiltschek is campus pastor at Manchester University. For more information contact him at 260-982-5243 or wjwiltschek@manchester.edu .

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