New Video Series Asks, “Why NYC?”

The National Youth Conference Office has launched a weekly video series called “Why NYC Wednesdays.” It features young adults from around the denomination reflecting on what their NYC experience meant to them and sharing reasons why current youth should make NYC a #1 priority next summer.

A new video will be released each Wednesday, available on the National Youth Conference YouTube channel and also on the NYC 2014 Facebook page. This week’s video features Christy Crouse, from the Missouri/Arkansas District, who first attended NYC in 2010. You can view her reflections here or below.

The NYC office invites others who have attended past NYCs to submit their own reflections for consideration. How did attending NYC affect you? And why should youth make NYC a priority over any other possible summer activity? Videos can be up to 60 seconds long. To inquire about submissions, contact the NYC office at cobyouth@brethren.org or 847-429-4363.

For more information about National Youth Conference 2014, visit the NYC website.

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