Creation Theme the Focus of Gather ’Round’s Summer Quarter

Creation is the theme of the summer 2013 quarter of the Gather ’Round curriculum. The biblical texts are drawn from passages in Genesis, Psalms, Ruth, and Matthew. Together they depict a God who is intensely involved with creation, finds goodness in it, and nurtures, blesses, and sustains it. The texts also are a reminder that the goal of God’s redemptive work is to return people–and the world–to what they were created to be in the first place.

Gather ’Round is a Bible-based curriculum committed to nurturing children, youth, and their families in becoming followers of Jesus: people who know and love God, interpret God’s word, belong to God’s gathered community, and share God’s good news.

Gather ’Round: Hearing and Sharing God’s Good News is co-published by Brethren Press, publishing house of the Church of Brethren, and MennoMedia, publishing ministry of Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.

Materials for Gather ’Round’s summer quarter can be purchased by calling 1-800-441-3712 or by visiting

— Anna Speicher is the project director and senior editor for Gather ’Round.

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