Conference Donates Backpacks of School Supplies in Witness to Host City

Photo by Regina Holmes
Conferencegoers bring an offering of school supplies as a witness to the host city of Charlotte,N.C.

Annual Conference attendees offered a mountain of backpacks filled with school supplies during Sunday afternoon’s worship service on June 30. This special offering for the Conference host city of Charlotte, N.C., was a unique way that the Church of the Brethren bears witness to the generosity, service, and love of Jesus.

Two days later, during business this afternoon, moderator Bob Krouse presented the backpacks to Jill Dineen, executive director of Classroom Central, an organization based in Charlotte that provides teachers of underprivileged children with school supplies for their classrooms.

“I was one of seven kids who grew up in extreme poverty,” said Dineen as she received the offering. “I know the difference these backpacks will make on students like me…. This gift allows students to have a tangible application of your generosity.”

After noting her strong sense of faith learned from her mother, Dineen shared that she was moved and humbled by the “humongous mass” of backpacks. “On behalf of all the children we serve, thank you for the blessing of your generosity.”

Photo by Regina Holmes
Jill Dineen, executive director of Classroom Central, thanks the Church of the Brethren for donations of school supplies, and receives a check from moderator Bob Krouse (at left) representing cash donations from Conferencegoers who traveled by plane to the host city Charlotte and could not bring school supplies with them.

After a handshake and a hug, Krouse concluded in agreement with Dineen. “God bless you, church, for being so faithful.”

–Mandy J. Garcia is staff for donor communications and a member of the Annual Conference News Team

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