Brethren Press Offers New Resources for the Spring and Summer

Brethren Press is offering a number of new resources for Christian education and curriculum options for congregations to use this spring and summer. Among the new resources: a Vacation Bible School curriculum titled “Breathe It In: God Gives Life”; the “Inside Out” outdoor ministries resource on the theme “All Things New”; a new spring quarter of “A Guide for Biblical Studies”; a summer quarter of Gather ’Round on the theme “God’s Good Creation” suitable for multi-age groups, and a new Covenant Bible Study on 1 John.

All of these resources may be ordered from Brethren Press by calling 800-441-3712 or going to .

Breathe It In

“Breathe It In: God Gives Life” (MennoMedia) is the Vacation Bible School curriculum available through Brethren Press.“Breathe It In” invites children up to grade 5 to discover the life-giving breath of God through Bible stories, exploring how God’s breath was used to create people and how the wind of the Spirit helped the young church grow. As they participate in worship, music, Bible memory, and creative response activities, children will understand that God is the giver of life. Cost is $134.99 plus shipping and handling for a boxed set that includes two copies of all leaders’ guides and one of every classroom, promotional, and student resource. Separately order extra leaders’ guides, CDs, posters, and a student book for each child.

All Things New

A new curriculum for Christian camps, building on the success of the “New Earth” outdoor ministry resources, starts this summer. It was developed by the National Council of Churches Committee on Outdoor Ministries. This first installment of “Inside Out: Christian Resources for Outdoor Ministries” focuses on the theme, “All Things New.” The resource has a four-year sequence that zeroes in on clear teaching objectives and a rotation of themes that ensures returning campers will explore the fullness of God, who they are created to be, and what they are called to do. The themes are: Year 1: God, Year 2: Jesus, Year 3: Holy Spirit, Year 4: The Church and Its Mission. Each “Inside Out” DVD contains seven Daily Discovery sections for each age group and a counselor training video on the Bible background, and is designed to be shaped to each camp’s unique setting. Resources are adaptable to camper age levels, camp length and setting, and denominational teaching and traditions. Cost is $375 plus shipping and handling.

Guide for Biblical Studies

“Beyond the Present Time” is the theme for this March-to-May Bible study for adults, written by Frank Ramirez and David Valeta. Units based on Daniel, Luke, Acts, and 1 and 2 Thessalonians trace the theme of hope in both the Old and New Testaments. Cost is $4.25, or $7.35 for large print, plus shipping and handling.

God’s Good Creation

The summer quarter of Gather ’Round has an environmental theme and helps children begin to learn to care for Creation as part of their faith. With the theme, “God’s Good Creation,” the quarter is provided for multiage (grades K-5), preschool (ages 3-4, with tips for 2s), and youth (grades 6-12). A Talkabout offers resources to connect with families, and a supporting resource is the 2012-13 Gather ’Round music CD. Lessons cover June 2-Aug. 25. Some samples: “God the Creator” Genesis 1:1-2:3, “Lessons from Birds and Flowers” Mark 6:25-34. The full list of summer themes is at Order from Brethren Press.

Covenant Bible Study

“1 John: The Believing Community” by Larry D. Fourman is the newest Covenant Bible Study volume. The series is designed for use in small group Bible studies and adult Sunday school. Fourman invites participants to a journey of spiritual formation based on 1 John, centered on the concept of the “word of life” in its personal and communal dimensions in the church, and how  relationships with others play a part in our faith. $7.95 plus shipping and handling.

All of the above resources may be ordered from Brethren Press by calling 800-441-3712 or ordering online at .

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