Unique Deacon Training to Be Offered at the Village at Morrisons Cove

Photo by: courtesy of Brethren Press
Deacon Manual in two volumes published by Brethren Press and Deacon Ministries, newly revised in 2012

Worship, workshops, and fellowship are standard components of deacon training, but when staff from Middle Pennsylvania District asked about hosting a day of training at the Village at Morrisons Cove, they requested that the focus be on ministry specific to older adults.

With that, director of deacon ministry Donna Kline and director of older adult and family life ministries Kim Ebersole worked together with district and Village staff and came up with a plan for a very focused day of training, to be held in Martinsburg, Pa., on Saturday, Nov. 10.

“Ministry with ‘Boomers’ and Beyond” will begin with a discussion of what older adulthood looks like today, and include sessions on deacon ministry specific to older adults, transitions in adulthood (retirement, health changes, death of spouse and/or friends, moving/downsizing, no longer driving, a second marriage, etc.), listening to the stories of older adults, and making the most of a visit with a resident of a longterm care community.

Ebersole and Kline also will offer resources specific to their ministries, and provide ample opportunities for sharing experiences and questions.

This training opportunity is co-sponsored by the Village at Morrisons Cove and Middle Pennsylvania District, but is open to deacons, pastors, and caregivers across the denomination. Download the registration form from www.brethren.org/deacons/training.html or contact Kris Shunk at 814-643-0601, kshunk@midpacob.org .

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