Today at Annual Conference – Monday

Photo by Regina Holmes
At the invitation of the morning devotion leader, the delegates–this year seated at round tables–opened the morning’s buiness with prayer, holding hands around their tables.

Quotes of the day

“Watching you all hold hands around the tables and pray, is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life.” — Moderator Tim Harvey to the delegate body after morning devotions that opened the business session. The delegates, who are seated at round tables this year, were asked to pray together with their tables groups as part of the devotional time.

Photo by Regina Holmes
The Count “welcomes” a donor from the Youth Peace Travel Team during the Annual Conference blood drive.

“A week of service each year and a year of service in your lifetime.” — A challenge written in to the Church of the Brethren’s directional goals and highlighted during the report to the delegates yesterday evening. Five of the directional goals (service, church planting, mission, congregational vitality, Brethren voice) are daily themes for this Annual Conference, and are pictured on five doors painted by artist Mark Demel for the church’s report on its ministries.

“It’s fun to be The Count. It’s all meant to do what Brethren do well: see a need, respond to a need in love, and give of ourselves. It’s who we are.” — “The Count” commenting on the Annual Conference blood drive.

By the numbers

200 units is the goal for this year’s blood drive, which is being held during what the American Red Cross (ARC) is deeming a “national emergency crisis” in terms of blood being available across the US. The bench mark is 150,000 units by this time of year, an ARC rep told reporter Mandy Garcia. However, the ARC has only 60,000–and St. Louis is on the low end, nationally. The Brethren today donated 99 units, of which 98 were usable units.

$7,790.61 received in Monday’s offering

2,320 total registration, including 731 delegates

1,387 in attendance in worship on Monday evening

An ‘after-dinner gift’

At the Brethren Press and Messenger dinner yesterday, attendees received a special coupon for “an after-dinner gift.” Each is eligible to pick up a free copy of the new book “A Dunker Guide to Brethren Beliefs” when they make a purchase at the Brethren Press bookstore here at Annual Conference, through a generous donation from an anonymous benefactor.

A very generous baker’s dozen

Photo by Regina Holmes
A group of 16 moderators–15 past Annual Conference moderators and the current moderator–were at a moderator’s luncheon on Monday July 9. The group is pictured in chronological order of their service (left to right, front to back) with at front left Earle W. Fike Jr. having the most seniority, and 2012 moderator Tim Harvey at back right.

A group of 15 past Annual Conference moderators joined the present moderator at a luncheon today. It has been well over 12 years since a moderator’s luncheon has been held at Annual Conference, according to one of those who attended. Photographer Regina Holmes took the opportunity for a historic group photo.

The 2012 Annual Conference news team includes: photographers Glenn Riegel, Regina Holmes, Debbie Surin, Alysson Wittmeyer; writers Don Fitzkee, Mandy Garcia, Karen Garrett, Randy Miller, Frank Ramirez, Frances Townsend; “Conference Journal” editor Eddie Edmonds; web staff Amy Heckert and Don Knieriem; and Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford, editor and director of News Services for the Church of the Brethren.

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