Springs of Living Water Academy in Church Renewal launches in 2013

The Springs of Living Water initiative for church renewal is announcing a new academy for pastors and church leaders, which will offer courses with formal learning objectives that participants will localize in their own settings.

The first course offered will be “Foundations for Christ-centered Church Renewal,” with basic texts “Springs of Living Water, Christ-centered Church Renewal” by David S. Young with foreword by Richard J. Foster, and “Celebration of Discipline, the Path to Spiritual Growth” by Richard J. Foster.

The course consists of five interactive two-hour telephone conference calls taught by Springs founder David S. Young, with guests telling stories from churches. Dates are Saturday mornings on Feb 9, March 2 and 23, April 13, and May 4, from 8:30-10:30 a.m. (eastern time). Register by Jan. 30, 2013. Cost is $185 plus $10 for continuing education units. Scholarships according to need may be available. Participants will call an 800 number to connect with the conference calls.

Participants will learn to: enlist a congregation in renewal, spiritually discern and train a renewal team; help individuals and churches in a spiritual journey using disciplines folders; use servant leadership from scripture to approach the life cycle of a church; be a renewal pastor in all its dimensions including modeling, equipping, and shepherding; guide a church in a seven-fold path for renewal, in which the church builds on it strengths; help a church spiritually discern a scripture, vision, and ministry plan; assist a congregation to implement a renewal plan of focused ministries.

Participants can engage in spiritual disciplines using Springs folders during the course. Also a few people from the congregation will walk alongside the participant through the course. A seminal solidifying paper will reflect both course content and application in a local setting of ministry.

For a fuller description of this course and for the Springs of Living Water Academy of Church Renewal brochure, contact Young at davidyoung@churchrenewalservant.org or 717-615-4515. To register for the academy send name, address, phone number, fax number, and payment to David S. Young, c/o Springs of Living Water, 464 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, PA 17522. Make checks payable to David. S. Young. For more information go to www.churchrenewalservant.org .

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