Sandy Shipments from New Windsor Center Now Exceed $900,000 in Value


Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford
A box of Church World Service (CWS) relief goods bears the words “From: New Windsor, Md., USA”
Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford
A view of the warehouses at the Brethren Service Center, where Material Resources staff have been working on behalf of Church World Service to ship out relief goods to Sandy survivors.

Shipments of relief materials have been heading out from warehouses at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md., ever since superstorm Hurricane Sandy was churning through the Caribbean on its way to the northeast US. The Church of the Brethren Material Resources staff has done the processing, warehousing, and shipping of relief materials on behalf of Church World Service (CWS).

Now the value of the shipments made for CWS–a global humanitarian agency funded by public donations, grants, and the support of 37 member Christian denominations–totals $900,402.

Material Resources staff were filmed by WBAL TV Baltimore as they continued to fill orders for relief goods. Rob Roblin of Channel 11 news in Baltimore, Md., taped the report on the shipments sent to the Hurricane Sandy response, to air Wednesday, Nov. 14, during the 6 p.m. newscast (view it at ).

Shipments from the New Windsor warehouses include CWS Blankets, Hygiene Kits, School Kits, Baby Kits, and Emergency Clean-Up Buckets. So far, shipments have gone to local agencies in the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. CWS works with state, regional, and local Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, FEMA, and member denominations and agencies to determine where help is most needed.

Details of shipments to date, with dollar value:

— To Adventist Community Services in the Bronx, N.Y.: 2,010 blankets, 2,010 Baby Kits, 2,010 School Kits, 2,040 Hygiene Kits, 464 Emergency Clean-Up Buckets ($166,683)

— The Recovery House of Worship, Brooklyn, N.Y.: 720 blankets, 1,800 Baby Kits, 1,800 School Kits, 750 Hygiene Kits ($110,412)

— To the Community Food Bank of New Jersey in Hillside, N.J.: 2,010 blankets, 105 Baby Kits, 3,000 School Kits, 3,000 Hygiene Kits, 300 Emergency Clean-Up Buckets ($107,754)

— To Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation in Far Rockaway, N.Y.: 1,500 blankets, 1,005 Baby Kits, 1,020 School Kits, 1,020 Hygiene Kits ($73,470)

— To Project Hope Charities, Jamaica, N.Y.: 1,020 blankets, 900 Baby Kits, 1,020 School Kits, 2,100 Hygiene Kits ($66,357)

— To Catholic Charities, Hicksville, N.Y.: 1,020 blankets, 510 Baby Kits, 1,020 School Kits, 1,700 Hygiene Kits ($61,557)

— To the Lehigh County Emergency Management in Allentown, Pa.: 1,020 blankets, 1,005 Baby Kits, 1,020 Hygiene Kits ($55,362)

— To the Salvation Army in Hempstead, N.Y.: 990 blankets, 1,005 Baby Kits, 1,020 Hygiene Kits ($55,187)

— To the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management in Bethpage, N.Y.: 774 Emergency Clean-Up Buckets ($43,344)

— To the US Army Reserve in Beaver, W. Va.: 1,020 blankets, 300 Baby Kits, 1,020 School Kits, 1020 Hygiene Kits ($43,167)

— To the LICC Freeport (N.Y.) Pantry: 93 blankets, 435 Baby Kits, 420 School Kits, 540 Hygiene Kits, 275 Emergency Clean-Up Buckets ($45,347)

— To AME Zion Church, Brooklyn, N.Y.: 510 blankets, 510 Baby Kits, 510 School Kits, 450 Hygiene Kits ($35,924)

— To Church of God Christian Academy in Rockaway, N.Y.: 510 blankets, 60 Baby Kits, 510 School Kits, 540 Hygiene Kits ($18,374)

— To the Congregational Church for South Hempstead, N.Y.: 120 blankets, 15 Baby Kits, 120 School Kits, 120 Hygiene Kits ($7,797)

— To the Long Island Council of Churches in Riverhead, N.Y.: 90 blankets. 60 Baby Kits, 120 Hygiene Kits, 100 Emergency Clean-Up Buckets ($9,667)

CWS is seeking donations to restock of all of its kit types. Lists of contents and instructions are at .

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