On Earth Peace Board of Directors Holds Fall Meeting

On Earth Peace Board of Directors, Fall 2012
Photo by courtesy of On Earth Peace
The On Earth Peace Board of Directors met at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md., for its fall 2012 meeting: (back from left) Ken Wenger, Don Mitchell, Robbie Miller, Madalyn Metzger, Joel Gibbel, Bill Scheurer, Cindy Weber-Han, David Miller; (front from left) Carol Mason, Lauree Hersch Meyer, Gail Erisman-Valeta, Ben Leiter, Louise Knight, Doris Abdullah. Not pictured: Jordan Blevins, Melisa Grandison, Patricia Ronk.

At its fall meeting, the On Earth Peace board of directors discussed plans for an upcoming elimination of racism training and audit–the next step of a commitment by the board and staff to address issues of racism both within and outside of the organization.

Other key items of business included approving the organization’s budget for the 2013 fiscal year and exploring new developments in program services, including exploration of a Living Peace Church initiative. The board of directors also welcomed a group from the Church of the Brethren’s Standing Committee to discuss On Earth Peace’s statement of inclusion. Standing Committee had requested this meeting in a “Way Forward” statement released at the 2012 Annual Conference in St. Louis, Mo.

During the meeting, the board welcomed Bill Scheurer, who began as On Earth Peace executive director on June 4. The group also recognized outgoing board member Doris Abdullah (Brooklyn, N.Y.) and longtime supporter and volunteer Fran Nyce (Westminster, Md.) for their service to the organization. In addition, the board welcomed new board member Cindy Weber-Han (Chicago, Ill.).

For 2013, the board called Madalyn Metzger (Bristol, Ind.) to continue as chair, Robbie Miller (Bridgewater, Va.) to continue as vice chair, and Benjamin Leiter (Amherst, Mass.) to continue as secretary. On Earth Peace conducts discussion and decision-making by consensus.

As an agency of the Church of the Brethren, On Earth Peace answers Jesus Christ’s call for peace and justice through its ministries; builds thriving families, congregations, and communities; and provides the skills, support, and spiritual foundation to face violence with active nonviolence.

— Madalyn Metzger is chair of the board of On Earth Peace.

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