On Earth Peace Announces New Development Staff

On Earth Peace has announced two staff members who will be working in the area of development for the organization: Bob Gross and Elizabeth Schallert. On Earth Peace is an agency of the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference, rooted in Christian faith, with a goal of cultivating individuals and communities who advance justice and build a peaceful world.

Bob Gross has been named Development director for On Earth Peace. As part of a leadership transition process planned in 2010, he has moved from the role of executive director to this new position. This change took place during the summer, as Bill Scheurer assumed the executive director responsibilities. “I’m very glad for this change, and for the opportunity to continue with On Earth Peace,” said Gross. “It will be good to be able to focus in one area of responsibility and I look forward to working more closely with our many supporters and partners.”

Elizabeth Schallert has been named Development assistant. Since May of 2011, she has been assisting in a variety of development-related projects with On Earth Peace, and is now working in a quarter-time contract role. She will work primarily with program staff to expand opportunities through grant funding. She holds a master’s degree in Social Work, with a focus in community development, and resides in North Manchester, Ind.

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