Outdoor Ministries Association Holds Annual Retreat

The Outdoor Ministries Association (OMA) holds its annual retreat Nov. 11-15 at Camp Harmony in Hooversville, Pa. The theme is “Move in Our Midst.”

A flier notes that the theme “gives everyone from directors, office staff, program staff, food service staff, to maintenance staff, and friends of Outdoor Ministry an opportunity to let the Holy Spirit work within our camp ministries and ourselves.”

Keynote speaker Walt Wiltschek, campus minister at Manchester University and former editor of “Messenger,”, will lead the event with messages on “Encounters with the Holy.” Lance Kaltenbaugh, assistant professor of Sports Management and internship coordinator for Ashland University, will direct activities on the theme, “Diversity and Inclusion in the Outdoors: It Matters.”

Registration fees are $160 for adults, $75 for children age 5-8, children under 5 free. To request a scholarship through the Four Horsemen Fund, contact a member of the OMA Steering Committee prior to Oct. 1. To register and for more information contact Camp Harmony, 1414 Plank Road, P.O. Box 158, Hooversville, PA 15936.

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