Annual Conference New Web Design, 2012 Information Packet Are Unveiled

The Conference Office has unveiled a new website design at , where the information packet for the 2012 Annual Conference is now available to download. Postcards giving the web address have been sent to each congregation of the Church of the Brethren.

The Conference Office has emphasized that unlike in years past, this year the information packet will not be distributed on disk but will be made available solely online at the Annual Conference website.

The information packet provides basic information about the 2012 Conference to be held in St. Louis, Mo., from July 7-11. Included are sections on the theme, schedule, location and facilities, fees, hotel information, age group activities, Conference Choir, and more.

Congregations can register their delegates online now. Nondelegate registration and hotel reservations will open online at 12 noon (central time) on Feb. 22. For more information go to .

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