Conference ‘Witness to Host City’ Will Be School Collection

Photo by Sarah Kovacs

Delegates to the 2008 Annual Conference in Richmond, Va., processed an item of business entitled “Query: Conference Witness to the Host City.” The query acknowledges that because Annual Conference is held in various cities, it would be good to give witness to a shared faith in Jesus Christ in these places. Delegates in Richmond adopted the concern of the query and referred it to Program and Arrangements Committee for implementation.

The Annual Conference witness to the city of St. Louis, Mo., will involve the collection of school supplies for the St. Louis Public School system. During the 2012-13 school year, the St. Louis Public Schools will serve approximately 28,000 students in 72 different schools.

Several Church of the Brethren congregations around the denomination have learned recently that a significant part of urban revitalization involves a strong public school support system. Churches, including Churches of the Brethren, are providing leadership in their local communities through their involvement with the local school system. Through these ministries, the churches are finding renewed life in Christ as well.

The list of school supplies was provided by the St. Louis Public Schools, and includes the following: 2 pocket letter size portfolios, glue sticks, ball point pens–medium tip, highlighters, washable markers–10 pack, rulers–12-inch plastic, colored pencils–12 pack, protractors–6-inch plastic, pencils #2, crayons–16 pack, paper filler–3 hole college rule, erasers, primary writing paper, backpacks (black only). (This list also is posted online at .)

Annual Conference moderator Tim Harvey recently went to a local store and purchased the entire list of supplies–not including the backpack–for under $18. The color of the backpacks was requested by the St. Louis school staff, and may be difficult to find at this time of year.

Conference attendees who participate in this outreach are invited to bring their donations of supplies to the Sunday morning worship service at Annual Conference on July 8, where they will be received during the offering. Representatives from the St. Louis Public Schools will receive the supplies during the afternoon business session on Tuesday, July 10.

The latest “Moments with the Moderator” video highlights the school collection. Go to .

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