Conference Officers Invite Ministry of Reconciliation to Broader Role

For over 20 years, moderators of the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference have invited the Ministry of Reconciliation (MoR) of On Earth Peace to provide observers during business sessions. Seated under the “MoR Observer” signs on the edges of the delegate seating area, their role has been to serve the church by being present and attentive, ready to respond where confusion, conflict, or negative emotions are causing a problem in the gathered body.

This year the Annual Conference officers have invited MoR to expand its presence to include the entire Conference, not just business sessions. Identified by a yellow “Minister of Reconciliation” tag in addition to a Conference name badge, these trained volunteers will be available throughout the Exhibit Hall and other Conference venues throughout the day and evening. They also may be reached at the On Earth Peace booth, the Annual Conference Office, and by telephone at 620-755-3940.

Like the MoR observers, Ministers of Reconciliation will be available to listen, to help make sense of the proceedings, to be a peaceful presence in tense situations, and to mediate conflict, facilitate communication, and help navigate misunderstandings. They also will be trained to respond appropriately in the event anyone is being threatened or harmed, whether verbally, emotionally, or physically.

For more information, contact the Conference Office at 847-429-4364 or or contact MoR program coordinator Leslie Frye at or 620-755-3940.

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