BVS-BRF Orientation Unit Completes Training

Photo by courtesy of BVS
The members of BVS-BRF Unit 298: (front from left) Hannah Wagner, Sandra Hughes, Sarah Bucher, Joe Fretz; (back from left) Peggy and Walter Heisey (orientation coordinators), Ross Gingrich, Joyelle Bollinger, Carol Fretz

Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) unit 298, a unit held jointly with the Brethren Revival Fellowship (BRF), completed orientation on Aug. 19-28 at the Brethren Service Center in New Windsor, Md.

The seven new volunteers, their congregations or home towns, and project sites follow:

Joyelle Bollinger and Hannah Wagner of Cocalico Church of the Brethren, Denver, Pa., will serve with the Root Cellar in Lewiston, Maine.

Sarah Bucher of Heidelberg Church of the Brethren, Myerstown, Pa., is to work at the Maine Home School Project in Lewiston.

Carol Fretz and Joe Fretz of Cocalico Church of the Brethren, are going to Maine Ministries in Lewiston.

Ross Gingrich of Heidelberg Church of the Brethren, will work at the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Sandra Hughes of Central, S.C., will serve at Cross Keys Village Brethren Home in New Oxford, Pa.

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