Brethren Press Publishes New Bible Study, DVD Resources

Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford
A free copy of the DVD of the 2012 Annual Report, “Jesus Moved into the Neighborhood,” has been mailed to each Church of the Brethren congregation.

Brethren Press has published a number of new resources including the DVD “What Holds Brethren Together,” the 2012 Yearbook for the Church of the Brethren on CD, and the winter quarter of “A Guide for Biblical Studies” on the theme “Jesus Is Lord.” Also new and free to each congregation is a DVD of the Annual Report of Church of the Brethren ministries, videotaped at the 2012 Annual Conference.

A shipping and handling fee will be added to the listed price. Order by calling 800-441-3712 or go to

“What Holds Brethren Together?” is a 34-minute DVD of an address by Guy E. Wampler to the Brethren Press and Messenger Dinner at Annual Conference. As Brethren navigate differences in church and society, Wampler reflects on who we are and what holds us together. Study questions included. $10.99.

“The Church of the Brethren Yearbook,” updated with 2012 information, may be purchased in CD format. One per user. Included are directories of denominational  agencies and staff, districts, congregations, and ministers, and the 2011 statistical report. $21.50.

“Jesus Is Lord,” the winter quarter of A Guide for Biblical Studies, offers a weekly Bible study for adults for December 2012 and January and February 2013. The author is Duane Grady, pastor of Cedar Lake Church of the Brethren in Auburn, Ind., with the “Out of Context” feature written by Frank Ramirez, pastor of Everett (Pa.) Church of the Brethren. $4.25 or $7.35 for large print.

A free DVD of the Annual Report of Church of the Brethren ministries 2012–recorded from the “live report” given at Annual Conference in St. Louis–has been mailed to each congregation. The theme is “Jesus Moved into the Neighborhood.” The video also may be viewed online at

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