Brethren Press, Mennomedia to Develop Gather ’Round Successor

Brethren Press and MennoMedia are beginning work on a successor to the Gather ’Round Sunday school curriculum. The two publishing houses, working on behalf of the Church of the Brethren and the Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada, plan to continue their decades-long cooperative work to produce joint Christian education curriculum.

Gather ’Round, which has received kudos from other Christian denominations who have signed on as cooperating and endorsing partners, has been used in congregations across the US and Canada for six years. Gather ’Round continues through the summer of 2014.

The new curriculum will build on Gather ’Round as well as its predecessor, the Jubilee curriculum. Plans are to make the next curriculum in the series available to congregations beginning in the fall of 2014.

MennoMedia and Brethren Press have hired Rebecca Seiling and Rose Stutzman to begin development of the new curriculum. MennoMedia will administer the project on behalf of the two publishing houses. For a period of time, work on the new project will run concurrently with Gather ’Round.

Seiling began May 1 in a one-year assignment as project developer. She has been a Gather ’Round writer and editor since 2004. Stutzman started June 4 as project director. She also continues as editor for Gather ’Round, a position she has held since 2006, until next May when she will shift to fulltime on the new project.

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