Brethren Congregations Among Those Being Surveyed

Church of the Brethren congregations are being invited to respond to a survey that will be arriving in mailboxes soon. The survey is a broad curriculum survey being conducted by the Protestant Church-owned Publishers Association (PCPA), of which Brethren Press is a member.

The survey seeks to explore an underlying issue in congregations today–that is, how to work effectively at growing disciples in today’s culture. The publishers are interested in learning what new strategies and programs local churches are using today to disciple their members of all ages, and what resources they are looking for to support these programs.

The survey sample will include every congregation within the Church of the Brethren, since the Brethren are smaller than the other participating denominations. Others are providing random samplings of 1,265 congregations.

PCPA is an association of about three dozen publishing houses that vary greatly in size and theology. About 15 of the member publishing houses are participating in the survey, for a combined survey group of about 19,000 congregations. The curriculum survey is being carried out by LifeWay Research, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Respondents will be able to fill out the survey on paper or online.

— Wendy McFadden is publisher of Brethren Press and Church of the Brethren communications.

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