Today at NOAC – Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quotes of the Day

Photo by Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove brought the keynote address for the 2nd day of NOAC. He spoke to the gathering about the importance of stability in a world and a culture marked by mobility, and all the problems that come along with constant movement and travel.

“A lot of the problems we face in our society today is because that we forget that wisdom, that wisdom of stability, a wisdom that lets us discern when we should go and when we should stop.” — Tuesday’s keynote speaker Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

“Through petition, and intercession, and praise, the Word transforms us.” — Bible study leader Lani Wright


NOAC Weather Report

After the rain stopped during the night, the sun emerged again through the clouds on Tuesday morning. Although it sprinkled again off and on this afternoon, many umbrellas were stowed away for the day.


Main events of the day

“Meet the New Day” activities started at 6:45 a.m. The morning Bible study was led by Lani Wright, followed by a keynote session with speaker Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on the topic, “Stability’s Gift–Finding our Place in a Changing World.” The NOAC Golf Tournament was one of the afternoon recreation options, along with arts and crafts classes and a service project to assemble hygiene kits and school kits for disaster relief. Several interest groups met on a variety of subjects including a conversation with Annual Conference moderator Tim Harvey. Late afternoon entertainment was by Mutual Kumquat. The evening concert titled “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” was given by mezzo-soprano Amy Yovanovich and tenor Christyan Seay, with pianist Josh Tindall. Alumni and friends of Bethany Theological Seminary were invited to an ice cream social to round out the evening. The exhibit hall and Brethren Press bookstore were open several times during the day.


NOAC by the Numbers

Final registration (as of Tuesday evening, Sept. 6): 816

Monday evening offering: $2,423.73

Tuesday afternoon’s tournament: 31 golfers in 9 teams. The winning team was LeRoy Weddle, Perry McCabe, and Albert Sauls with a winning score of 61. Total score for the tournament, adding in all golfers who were out on the greens: 599

Number of ice cream socials during the week: 8 — Monday evening for the whole of NOAC sponsored by Fellowship of Brethren Homes; Tuesday evening for alumni and friends of Bethany Theological Seminary; Wednesday evening three ice cream socials for Manchester College alumni, McPherson College alumni, and University of La Verne alumni; Thursday evening another three college alumni receptions sponsored by Bridgewater College, Elizabethtown College, and Juniata College; no ice cream social on the last day but Brethren are expected to stop off at the local Dairy Queen (or other purveyor of frozen treats) on their way home!

Question of the Day:
Who would you name a hurricane after, and why?
By Frank Ramirez

Brian Harmon
I would name a hurricane after Queen Isabella. The one who sent Columbus on his voyage.

Marilee Gilliland
I think they should name one Jezebel, because  hurricanes are unpredictable and unfaithful. I’ve named my car and GPS Jezebel, because they’re also things we have no control over.

Chris Dull
Shadrach, because he was very quiet in the fiery furnace. I think even in the midst of a hurricane we can be still with God.

Sue Noffsinger
Bella, our granddaughter. She gets real excited and keeps things stirred up. She has a lot of joy.

Jim McKinnell
Floyd Mallot. He was just pretty radical!

Lucy de Perrott
I would name it Anna. Anna Mow was a great go-getter!


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