Today at Annual Conference – Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quotes of the day

“Our Conference theme carries in it both assurance and challenge…. The assurance is the promise we’ve already received. The challenge is to extend God’s table to who knows where, and who knows who.” – Chris Bowman, who led the opening worship for today’s business session

“There are many prayers that surround us today as we go through this process.” – Moderator Robert E. Alley at the start of Step 4 of the Special Response business

Conference by the numbers

— 1,857 people in attendance at worship today

— $11,121 received in the offering

— 4 mini quilts and quilted wall hangings auctioned for $5,085, to raise funds for hunger and the Global Food Crisis Fund

Brethren on the street, interviews and photos by Frank Ramirez

The question of the day: What have you done outside of Conference activities?

“We went out to Mars Hill to hear Rob Bell (the author of ‘Love Wins’) speak.” – Tasha Veal, Daleville, Va.

“I just went walking around downtown.” – Merry Titus, Wenatchee, Wash.

“We had a road trip on our way here. There were a lot of family moments and we did some birdwatching. The best thing was watching the fireworks last night!” – Joy Reardon, Harrisburg, Pa.

“I’ve been sitting in the VOS (Voices for an Open Spirit) room, getting rid of tension.” – Doris Hopwood Dunham, Bakersfield, Calif.

“To my knowledge I haven’t done anything unconnected with Conference unless you count eating out.” – Jeffrey Copp, Columbia City, Ind.
“I get to try some downtown restaurants that I don’t normally get to visit.” – Joseph Spencer, Grand Rapids, Mich. (photo unavailable)

Coverage of the 2011 Annual Conference is by the News Team of Jan Fischer-Bachman, Mandy Garcia, Karen Garrett, Amy Heckert, Regina Holmes, Frank Ramirez, Glenn Riegel, Frances Townsend, and editor and news director Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford. Wendy McFadden serves as executive director of Brethren Press. Contact

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