Global Food Crisis Fund Showcases Projects for Holiday Giving

Photo by Jean Bily Telfort
A Haitian schoolchild with a goat distributed with funding from the Global Food Crisis Fund(GFCF).

The Global Food Crisis Fund (GFCF) has launched a web page showcasing projects for alternative gift giving this holiday season. Go to .

“Reach out your soul to the hungry,” says an invitation. “Honor loved ones by giving a gift in their name to the Global Food Crisis Fund. By doing so you and the recipient will be teamed with smallholder farmers in developing countries…equip those who are underfed to feed themselves…promote sound nutrition…and invest in efforts to conserve water, regenerate the soil, and nurture sustainability.”

The “Gift-giving that Sustains Lives” page offers options for donating at a variety of levels from $10 to $500. Gifts will meet needs in local communities in a number of different countries, such as village wells to provide drinking water and irrigation in Niger, or super-flour mix for mothers and infants in Nepal. A gift of $67 helps those affected by famine in the Horn of Africa, buying three months of maize, plus beans, oil, salt, and Unimix supplementary porridge for families with children under five.

In other news, a Global Food Crisis Fund grant of $5,000 is helping publish the 2012 Hunger Report of partner organization Bread for the World, titled “Rebalancing Act: Updating US Food and Farm Policies.” The report launches Nov. 21, on the eve of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (Super Committee) release of recommendations to cut $1.2 trillion in government spending in 10 years. After that date, copies can be requested from GFCF manager Howard Royer at 800-323-8039 ext. 264, while supplies last. For more about the Global Food Crisis Fund go to .

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