Emergency Disaster Fund Makes Grants for Tornado Response

Two grants have been given from the Church of the Brethren’s Emergency Disaster Fund (EDF) for disaster response work following recent tornadoes in the United States. A grant of $15,000 responds to an expanded appeal from Church World Service (CWS) following a weekend of tornadoes that affected seven states from Oklahoma to Minnesota, and $5,000 is supporting the work of Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) volunteers in Joplin, Mo.

As the full needs of those affected by this spring’s storms and tornadoes becomes clear, and communities plan for long-term recovery, Brethren Disaster Ministries will have opportunities to set up rebuilding projects and is expected to request further grants toward the repair and rebuilding of homes.

The grant to CWS will help pay for shipments of material aid and provide resources and training in the development of long-term recovery groups in affected communities. A prior grant of $7,500 from the EDF responded to the initial appeal from CWS for this project, made on May 13.

The grant for the work of CDS in Joplin responds to the EF 5 tornado that hit the city May 22. FEMA requested CDS volunteers to care for children in Disaster Recovery Centers there. The grant pays for travel, lodging, and food for the volunteer CDS teams.

Children’s Disaster Services has 20 volunteers working in Joplin, caring for children at a Multi Agency Resource Site, two FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers, and in a Red Cross shelter. In addition, a specially trained critical response team is accompanying the Red Cross’s Integrated Care team on home visits to families who have experienced a death when there are children in the home.

To contribute to the work of Brethren Disaster Ministries and Children’s Disaster Services, or to learn more about the Emergency Disaster Fund, go to www.brethren.org/edf .

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